Why the Honda Fit is the Perfect Car for Camping

January 26, 2017

Do not underestimate the camping capabilities of the Honda Fit.

The Honda Fit may look small, but it's actually been designed with the outdoors enthusiast in mind. Check out the possibilities of car camping with the Honda Fit.

You Can Sleep in It

The rear seats fold down completely flat, which means you can utilize 54" of length back there. You can even build a wooden platform to fit precisely, storing essential camping items underneath it. Add some blankets for cushioning and a few sleeping bags, then you're all set for a restful night wherever your Fit takes you. You can also configure the front seats to fold completely backward, making for two very comfy rear lounge seats.

You Can Sleep On Top of It

If you've already packed the inside of your Fit to the brim with camping essentials, or simply prefer sleeping outside, then consider getting some elevated sleep. Because of its short height, the Honda Fit's roof is the perfect platform for adding a tent to.  Simply secure it to the roof racks and you've got a safe space to sleep soundly. 

You Can Fit Almost Anything In It

The Honda Fit may seem tiny at first glance, but it can actually transport a substantial amount, including anything you'd ever need for a great camping trip. The trunk can fit a couple bikes along with tents and storage bins with ease. Don't forget to utilize the roof for larger objects, like kayaks or snowboards.